About Us.

Our application of vinyl finishes began in the mid 1970’s when the initial automotive materials entered the global market. Over the last 5 decades the development of such vinyls has allowed us to explore many new markets.

Decorfilm is an ultra-versatile material that can transform almost all interior surfaces to look like something they are not. The resulting appearance of a decorfilm covered surface looks lifelike and has been seen as a breakthrough in the architectural, interior design and commercial fit out sectors.

Before changing doors, walls, work surfaces, office units, glass panels etc. you can now consider another option that is likely to be more cost effective.

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Aesthetically Pleasing

Recreating seamlessly and convincingly the visual and tactile properties of natural materials.

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Quick Installation

Easy, effortless and ultra fast installation process.

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Cost Effective

up to 50% savings, compared to the use of classic refurbishment techniques for the same result.

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Hard Wearing

10 year guarantee against scaling, crackling, yellowing and other changes in appearance.

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A quick and easy material to maintain, its external surface's remarkable qualities facilitate cleaning, prevent marking and impede mould growth.

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Rated A+ on VOC tests (indoor emissions), UV resistant and fire resistant.

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Quality Product

Thickness of between 200 and 350 microns depending on the type of film used, conferring a highly authentic result.

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Heat Stretchable

Up to 220%, facilitating a perfect application on any furniture contour or shape